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Special Events Jackson Hole
Holly and Mark

Holly and Mark… The BEST Entrance Ever!

A Jackson Hole Wedding with the BEST Entrance Ever!

My name is Kathi Michel. I started Special Events Jackson Hole in 2006 to specialize in weddings and custom events on my own after 20+ years of experience, and leave the corporate world behind. So, Holly and Mark will always be "my first" for Special Events Jackson Hole!

It's such a fun little story...Holly and Mark came to Jackson Hole from the Los Angeles Entertainment industry to plan their very special wedding celebration with me. They wanted to leave behind the hustle and glitz of LA for a Wyoming horse and cattle ranch wedding with real western charm.

Holly and Mark chose Diamond Cross Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Everything about this wedding WOWED their guests. With great food and music in place, upon arrival their guests were greeted with champagne and hors d’oeuvres — with the Grand Tetons in full panoramic view! Having orchestrated hundreds of weddings, I arranged for a beautiful wagon and team of Belgium horses for Holly and Mark’s GRAND entrance..

Their guests were in place for the ceremony. Horses and buffalo were grazing in the fields. Then, we heard Stevie Wonder’s FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE breezing thru the air. The sound of horses hooves trotting down the road came next!

The music and the Tetons were so magical…the guests were dancing and clapping on top of the seats! It was a moment I will never forget. And, so contagious that I found myself and the catering team swaying and clapping to the music. You couldn’t help but get wrapped up in the excitement and energy of it all! It was truly the BEST Entrance I had ever seen!

Holly and Mark were married on a beautiful June day 7 years ago. I stay in touch with Mark and Holly, especially every June to smile and reminisce about the best entrance ever! Holly and Mark also just welcomed their first son to this world.

There is so much magic to everything in life and I am so grateful to share it all! Each time I hear that Stevie Wonder song on the radio… it always brings me back to their very special Wedding day. Cheers to Mark and Holly!

Pack your dreams and bring your smiles, we’ll handle the rest!!

Kathi Michel, Event Planner

Special Events Jackson Hole

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