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Special Events Jackson Hole
Sandra and Andrew

Simply Priceless: Sandra and Andrew

Sometimes things don't always go as planned....and then the universe gives you something priceless!

Sandra and Andrew met with me to plan their very special, but a bit different wedding week! They are two super athletes who climb mountains, raft, explore Mother Nature via hiking and biking! We planned their week to include activities with The Grand Tetons, Wildlife, the Snake River and Jackson Lake. Upon choosing their reception site at our beautiful Jackson Hole Museum of Wildlife Art, our team partners; Swopes Mountain Photography, Creative Botanicals and Menus by Chef Tom, were all set for their wedding---9 months in advance.

Who was to predict that The Museum would be months behind in construction. One month out, I realized….this was just not going to happen with The Museums’ usual strength and beauty. And, there will be no LOVE AMONG THE RUINS for my bride and groom! So I called Bride Sandra and sent a few pictures. Me on the phone with Sandra: “So, tell me… how do you feel about scaffolding… and the color orange?”

Of course, Kathi had already reached out to all her wonderful Jackson Hole Wedding venue partners and friends to find a lovely substitute for a mountain climbing bride and groom.

Shawn Daus, of The Couloir and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort came to the rescue and offered us a gondola ride up the Tetons to The Couloir for a Wedding day feast by Chef Wes. Sandra and Andrew chose The Couloir Terrace sight unseen…until they actually stepped of The gondola to see for the first time — on their wedding day in full view, right before their very eyes. I greeted them at the top, and as Sandra exited the gondola and looked at me… we both knew this day was simply priceless!

We truly choked up for a moment at the magnificence of it all. Their family and friends ran to greet them and we all took in the sweeping vista and valley below….and our dining table that seemed to be suspended out off the mountain into the sky! Sometimes things happen for a reason… as your path leads you to The Grandest Day of All!

Ain’t Life Grand? It truly is!

Pack your dreams and bring your smiles, we’ll handle the rest!!

Kathi Michel, Event Planner

Special Events Jackson Hole

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