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Theresa & Steve Apr 01, 2020 »

What a great couple and cute story. The groom called me to assist his bride to be...Theresa..who was going to be a bride for the first (and only!) time. Her family of Mom n Dad, 9 sisters and brothers and all nieces and nephews came to Jackson for this very special event! Everyone was included in the ceremony, but the best part, was the groom chose the wedding date because it was Theresa's Mom n Dad's 65th Wedding Anniversary also. This groom....is a keeper!

Theresa was beaming and the day…

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Christine & Jay’s Story Apr 01, 2020 »

At times, I have the joyful experience of planning a wedding with the Mother of The Bride. When our bride is devoured in work...and a few other "surprise guests" just show up! And, have you counting your blessings, for the sheer magic of what Jackson Hole can bring you!

Christine & Jay's love story began in Texas and would be "Grand Wedding" in Jackson Hole. What more beautiful setting than in their family home overlooking the Grand Tetons and the Snake River? The wedding incorporated the…

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Simply Priceless: Sandra and Andrew Apr 01, 2020 »

Sometimes things don't always go as planned....and then the universe gives you something priceless!

Sandra and Andrew met with me to plan their very special, but a bit different wedding week! They are two super athletes who climb mountains, raft, explore Mother Nature via hiking and biking! We planned their week to include activities with The Grand Tetons, Wildlife, the Snake River and Jackson Lake. Upon choosing their reception site at our beautiful Jackson Hole Museum of Wildlife Art, our…

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Holly and Mark… The BEST Entrance Ever! Apr 01, 2020 »

A Jackson Hole Wedding with the BEST Entrance Ever!

My name is Kathi Michel. I started Special Events Jackson Hole in 2006 to specialize in weddings and custom events on my own after 20+ years of experience, and leave the corporate world behind. So, Holly and Mark will always be "my first" for Special Events Jackson Hole!

It's such a fun little story...Holly and Mark came to Jackson Hole from the Los Angeles Entertainment industry to plan their very special wedding celebration with me. They…

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