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Special Events Jackson Hole
Theresa & Steve

Theresa & Steve

What a great couple and cute story. The groom called me to assist his bride to be...Theresa..who was going to be a bride for the first (and only!) time. Her family of Mom n Dad, 9 sisters and brothers and all nieces and nephews came to Jackson for this very special event! Everyone was included in the ceremony, but the best part, was the groom chose the wedding date because it was Theresa's Mom n Dad's 65th Wedding Anniversary also. This groom....is a keeper!

Theresa was beaming and the day was perfect. I was honored to share this week with them.


What am amazing event we pulled off. Without you connecting me to the perfect people, it would not have been so smooth. We were both so relaxed from Calico to reception. Your attention to detail was SO appreciated and we are blessed to have had you to work with. We are lounging one more day at JLL, float trip this afternoon, and then on to Yellowstone, Little Big Horn, Glacier and home. What memories we will forever have. Thank you again.


“Our event was small but mighty. Planning from out of town, Kathi connected us with places for the rehearsal dinner for 40, places to stay, people at Jackson Lake Lodge for reception and flowers as well. I was able to interview and choose the best fit for us and make arrangements exactly the way we wanted them. Kathi was so attentive, easy and responsive. When we arrived she met with us to iron out some details and take care of a few we had not anticipated. We had so much family involved and she was able to gently guide and support them. Nine months before we could not imagine that our wedding would be so planned, perfect and joyful. Kathi was the reason this happened.” Teresa and Steve

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